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How does the new sand maker operate?

Date::2017-06-01 10:02    From:clirik
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As common mechanical processing equipment, sand maker is widely used in gold, copper, iron ore, concrete aggregate, cement clinker, limestone, granite, etc. Compared to the traditional jaw crusher, the sand maker is mainly suitable for the fine work of various kinds of ore materials. And the advent of new sand maker has largely replaced the old crusher equipment. The new sand maker mainly applies to super fine work of medium hard or extremely hard material. After buying the new sand maker, users need to operate according to the operation requirements. This not only keeps the equipment running smoothly and reliably, but also extends the service life of the equipment. 
sand maker

The new sand maker needs to be installed strictly according to the installation instructions after purchase, the installation test machine with no problem can be made to normal production.  
1.The machine needs to check if the vortex cavity is closed before the machine is turned on, so as to prevent the material from being out of the vortex chamber when it is broken, causing the danger. 
2.Check the direction of the vane wheel before the device is running, if you find that the impeller turns counterclockwise, you need to adjust the wiring of the motor immediately. 
3.The sand maker machine must be launched at the time of operation, until the machine is made to operate normally. 
4.When the machine finished material crushing, the discharging equipment should be stopped feed before the machine stop, otherwise the impeller will damage and burn the motor. 
5.During the operation of the equipment, the machine should be immediately stopped for inspection and maintenance if the machine is violently vibrating or abnormal noise. 

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