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Sand making machine alleviate the contradiction of sandstone

Date::2017-05-23 10:38    From:clirik
New type sand making machine has alleviated the the supply and demand contradiction of sandstone 
At present, natural sand is the sand that applied in most of the economic construction in China. However, in the rapid development of basic construction, natural sand resource become a scarce resource in many areas of our country because of it is a non-renewable resource in a short time. Among them, the contradiction of supply and demand of concrete for economic construction is particularly acute. The rising price of natural sand has a huge impact on the development of construction. 
Long time mining has resulted in a severe shortage of sand resources and higher prices. In order to pursue the best interests, there is a lot of natural sand mining In many parts of our country. Especially in the last few years, destroy the fields and destroy the river to dig sand are causing concern for the environment. These behaviors not only damaged the limited farmland and levees, but also caused a lot of engineering accidents. 

China has a large number of metal and non-metallic ores, in mining and processing, about 20 percent of the tailings are produced. There are about 10 billion tons of tailings piled up because a lot of that don't use reasonably, its occupy a lot of land, causing environmental pollution. If a lot of tailings are made into artificial sand through the suitable sorting and processing of sand making machine, The problem of environmental pollution can be solved, and the efficiency of resource utilization is also improved, it's can form the comprehensive benefits. At present, there are many technology mature artificial sand production lines in China, the equipment and techniques for producing artificial sand are fully qualified, there are different brand and model sand equipment available at home and abroad. Therefore, it is imperative to develop artificial sand.
Domestic artificial sand production equipment Shanghai clirik new type sand making machine has significant benefits in the Artificial sand production. The artificial sand type of production is triangular or rectangular, with rough and sharp surface. The concrete density of artificial sand is high, the anti-infiltration, anti-slurry performance is good, so artificial sand is especially suitable for high strength grade concrete, high performance concrete and pump concrete. The use of new type sand making machine will greatly reduce the contradiction of supply and demand for sandstone and also reduce the the environmental pollution caused by natural sand mining. 

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