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Completely solve the corrosion problem of sand making machin

Date::2017-06-08 11:28    From:clirik
All equipments can't escape the rusting problems, on the one hand is because of the weather, the outdoor equipment is exposed to the rain and the sun is very easy to rust, on the other hand, it because of the differenr texture of the sand machine machine, if the texture is easy to rust, and the machine exposure to the outside, then it is necessary to find effective anti-corrosion measures. 
sand making machine
We summarized some methods for solving the corrosion problem of sand making machine, there are four main methods:
1.Chemical cleaning method: It mainly uses acid and metal oxide chemical reaction to remove the rust of sand making machine, so as to get rid of the metal surface corrosion. It is called the pickling rust of the sand making machine. 
2.High pressure water rust removal for sand making machine: Using high pressure water jet shock combined with abrasive action can remove the steel plate and corrosion-resistant coating. The characteristic of this way is no dust pollution, no damage to steel, rust removing effect is good and greatly improved efficiency. But steel easy rust again after removing. With professional wet rust coating, anti-corrosion effect is better. 
3.Antioxidation coating: Applying mineral oil, paint or enamel spray to burn on the surface of iron products, the steel surface is coated with electroplating, hot plating, coating the metal that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, chrome, tin, silver etc. The metal surface of the oxide film forms a dense layer, so as to prevent iron products from being exposed to water, air and other substances. It is also possible to make the surface of the iron product to form an oxide film to prevent rust. 
4.Wind, pneumatic or electric rust: Electric or compressed air is used as a driving force to assemble suitable derrusted equipment to remove rust by reciprocating or rotating motion, in order to adapt to different areas of rust. 
Here are four ways you can choose according to your own needs. In addition, corrosion prevention needs to be done from daily production details, do maintenance regularly, check the equipment regularly, use lubricating oil regularly to ensure the equipment is in good condition. And it's also important to choose the material from the sand making machine, Choosing the quality equipment can effectively avoid these problems. 

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