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Mastering the method of using sand maker is a gradual proces

Date::2017-06-15 10:08    From:clirik
sand maker

Speaking of sand maker, it is believed that many people who know about industrial production are familiar with the equipment, the equipment can be widely used in mining industry, chemical industry, ceramics and other industries, so it has a lot of users. Mastering the use of sand maker is what every technician should know, because the operating sand machine requires a lot of practical experience, once operational errors lead to significant security risks. 
The main principle of sand maker is that the material is entered into a crusher, and it is divided into two parts by the distributor, a part passes through the middle of the distributor enter the rotating impeller, the speed of the impeller is accelerated, and it speeds up to hundreds of times the weight of gravity, and then it's ejection from the stream of the three of the impeller by the speed of 60 to 70 meters per second, first of all, the shock of the material impact of a part of the material which is near the distributor, and then it hits the material lining in the vortex cavity, and bounces off the material lining, and it hits the top of the vortex cavity, then it changes the direction of motion, turn downward, the material that is emitted from the blades of the leaves is constituted a series of curtain material. Such a piece of material is in the vortex breaking cavity has been subjected to two or more blows, friction and grinding. The broken material is expelled from the bottom line.  The system consists of closed circuit, the material can be broken up into 20 items usually by recycling three times. In the whole process of crushing, the material is crushed by itself, not directly touching the metal elements, but with the shock and friction of the material lining, this reduces pollution and extends mechanical wear. The clever air flow inside the vortex cavity eliminates dust pollution. 
Generally speaking, the first thing we need to know are the working principle, the internal structure, and performance of the equipment when we're using a sand maker, This can deepen the familiarity of the device. As a manufacturer, we will provide the buyers with free on-site technical guidance, complete explanations and eliminate the worries of users. At the same time, we currently have internal retrofit for existing sand maker equipment, its advantages are more significant and more consistent with the user's needs. 

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