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New sand making machine opens the green production mode

Date::2018-01-25 08:18    From:clirik
As we all know, the sand making machine is a very important sand making equipment in the processing of gravel aggregates. In particular, the investment in the construction of national basic transportation facilities is increasing. The requirements for gravel aggregates are getting more and more stringent, Enterprises have increased environmental research and development of automation equipment, to contribute to the production of green mining.
New sand making machine
With years of R & D and production experience, Shanghai Clirik Machinery builds a new generation of sand making machine equipment based on the traditional sand making machine to help customers to complete low-energy consumption and high-quality aggregate production. Compared with the traditional sand making equipment, the heyday of the new sand making machine is used the shield adjustment and the combination of hammer design, life expectancy is directly extended by about 30%; More special is the use of imported crude oil lubrication station in Germany, double oil pump complementary oil is always in good working condition, automated production mode helps small and medium-sized investors to create a greater value of mine production.
At present, Shanghai Clirik Machinery new sand making machine, popular at home and abroad, If you are equally interested in it, please contact us by email or leaving message. we will contact u within 24 hours ASAP. 

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