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Artificial Sand Making Process

Date::2018-02-01 08:28    From:clirik
China's artificial gravel processing technology has 40 years of history, it's put into use in the hydropower station in the earliest, after decades of development, system design concept is improved continuously. Compared with the traditional process, the sand and gravel process use semi-dry production process with crushing machine instead of rod mill, sand crushing, and not only improve the quality of finished products, greatly reducing the processing costs, but also simplifies the production process, process of "more crushing and less grinding" has the good final product grain type, save investment. 
Artificial Sand Making Process
For a long time, natural river sand has been widely accepted by the industry as the mainstream fine aggregate in the highway industry for concrete and masonry projects. However, with the continuous expansion of the scale of civil works in our country, the supply of natural sand has been in a tense situation in some areas and even emerged as a situation where no sand is available. So we started looking for a substitute for natural sand, machine-made sand came into being. Machine-made sand is inseparable from the artificial gravel processing system, which is often called as gravel production line equipment. In general, the gravel production line includes feeders, jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand making machines, vibrating screens, etc. The output varies from tens of tons to hundreds of tons.
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