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Development of New Vertical Milling Machine

Date::2016-11-04 15:18    From:clirik
As we all know, ball mill is a traditional milling equipment, but the development of new vertical milling machine makes vertical mill become a new milling equipment, replacing the traditional ball mill in many industries. By using it, we can improve the utilization of coal in coal processing industry, and optimize the new vertical milling machine advantages in energy saving and environmental protection.
vertical milling machine

New vertical mill plant has become the first choice for large-scale grinding equipment. Due to the strict requirements of the material and the working environment, the new vertical milling machine is not suitable for small and medium enterprises. In today's society, improve fuel quality and efficiency will not only give the power plant brought more benefits, but because the design of grinding roller and grinding ring, more in line with the requirements of environmental policies.
According to the development of the vertical milling machine, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, as well as to improve the fineness of milling grinding efficiency, we have also developed high pressure hanging roller mill. And for the new machine, we use the pulse dust collector, which can effectively prevent the powder spillover. Shanghai Clirik Machinery CO.Ltd is a professional company which can produce and supply all kinds of crusher and mill equipments, and insist continuously innovation and improvement. We are willing to provide you with quality products and reliable service. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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