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What are the reasons of impact crusher excessive vibration

Date::2016-11-04 15:16    From:clirik
Impact crusher is a kind of sand making machine, one important machine for sand making production line. Impact crusher vibrating inevitably occur at work, although any machine at work because of the impact of the motor and some other power plant, more or less will have some vibration, but if excessive vibration, then we should check whether impact crusher have problem. Impact crusher excessive vibration not only affects the broken size, but also seriously affects the life of the machine, so you must find out the impact crusher excessive vibration reasons, then find solutions.
First, the material is too large. The impact crusher crushes the broken material, the material should be within the prescribed standard scale, if the material is too large will cause abnormal vibration machine, this time to check the feed size, to ensure compliance with the requirements of the material dimension.
Second, the rotor imbalance of the impact crusher: other parts of the rotor imbalance caused by an imbalance of the rotor causes vibration, which is the need to carefully check and adjust the balance of the rotor, respectively. Changing face turn as the hammer used, in order to prevent loss of balance weight of the rotor within the crusher hammer must all face together to change turn, otherwise strong vibrations occur during operation.
Third, the butt ends uneven wear of impact crusher: butt ends are the main components of broken material, and the material is in direct contact. Equipment at work for some time, there will be some butt head wear, if the butt ends will cause uneven wear range crusher vibration.
Fourth, the bolt of impact crusher is loose: bolt nut is screwed tight in the cold state, the boot time, due to the high clinker temperature, thermal expansion and elongation of the screw bolt, nut loose, can cause abnormal impact crusher vibration. This situation should be checked and reinforced bolt can solve these problems.
Fifth, there is the plot within the rotor material: when the impact crusher is crushing the material during the work, in the face of the material humidity is relatively large when the material or to feed too much will cause a lot of material to plug in the rotor area, there is no time for processing coupled, resulting in impact crusher excessive vibration.

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