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Why do Chinese people like Christmas?

Date::2017-12-14 09:04    From:clirik
I especially liked Spring Festival when I was young. My grandmother is more traditional. She likes to prepare for a long time from New Year's Eve: couplets, stickers, preserved foods, new year's purchases and dinner recipes, as well as delicious and difficult meals that are usually not done. But do you know that? My happiest time is not New Year's Eve night, but rather the December 23 before the advent of New Year's Eve.
Why do Chinese people like Christmas
why? I think this is expectation at work. The common psychological trait of mankind is that what really makes us happy sometimes is not the thing itself but the state of anticipation that the thing will come. With expectations, we have ideas (of course, many times the illusion), we began looking forward to a bright future will come. This is sometimes more fun than the future itself. This is the reason why I am happy every year. I am expecting and thinking about New Year's Eve. I even have expectations for the new year. By the same token we can also explain why people are much happier every Friday night than Sunday night; why pre-party preparation and purchasing are so appealing; why our heart was impatient the day before the holiday; and we could not sleep the night before our trip - --- All this is "expectation" at work! What a wonderful thing!
So come back to Christmas, why Christmas makes people happy? Christmas is December 25, Christmas Eve is the night of December 24. For me, the arrival of Christmas means the end of the year: a busy year will be over, looking back one year, I feel a lot of gains; New Year's Day holiday is coming, I am looking forward to three or four days of short trips; The year is approaching, I am equally full of plans and expectations; there are many parties at the end of the year, and I can see many old friends. So what is Christmas? Why do we enjoy Christmas? 
Christmas is a sign that marks the end of the year. By the end of the year, from Christmas until the 15th lunar January of the first month, this period of time is for many people a relatively different life in a monotonous working life. And we are always looking forward to different lives, right? ----- Foreign festivals are many, but we don't enjpy Easter, Halloween, we do not drink turkey on Thanksgiving. A lot of topics that can be hyped, why do we only focus on Christmas?
In my case, it is Christmas, which makes us happier. Because of expectations. Every Christmas we go to party to sing, so maybe my Christmas contains too much: the desire to reunite with my family. In fact, every day in this world contains innumerable joys and sorrows, and no moment can make everyone happy. But we still have to try our best to be happy, right?

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