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The Development of Sand Making Machine

Date::2016-12-30 09:11    From:clirik
In recent years, sand making machine has completely replaced the natural sand mining, the coverage rate of sand making machine in the market has reached 95%, in China, which is illustrated the era of sand making machine is coming. And with the output size and application of the sand making machine continuous improvement, the sand making machine has been become the center of the sand industry!

Generally, the most common stone materials of us to produce sand are including marble, granite, tailings and other common stone. However, there is a high requirement on the large-scale projects and the construction industry now, so the sand maker usually uses the hard material as raw material to make sand. This brings huge challenge to the sand manufacturers. Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional manufacturer of sand making machine, there are a variety of models of sand making machine could produce the high standards of sand. Here we will recommend a new type sand making machine.

sand making machine

Size of finish sand which is made by this sand making machine is very uniformity, and the finished sand can be achieved 95%. The size of the sand could be adjusted free. The biggest bright spot of Shanghai Clirik Machinery sand making machine is the machine is better in compressive and wear-resistant, and thus lengthened the service life of the sand making machine.

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